About amorgos

Αmorgos is one of the most beautiful Greek islands in the Aegean sea. Located near Naxos, on the southern side of the Cyclades.
Visitors are amazed by the natural beauty , the traditional architecture and the fabulous beaches.
This beauty inspired Luc Besson to shoot scenes of the movie "The Big Blue" in the beach of Aghia Anna.
You can not leave the island without visit the famous Monastery of Hozoviotissa, which is built on the slops of a rock with breath taking view to the sea.

Katapola is the main harbor of the island. At Katapola is located the famous church of Katapoliani that is built on top an ancient temple to Apollo.

Aigialis is the second harbor of the island. It is a beautiful village with maginificent beaches. Until recently it was easier to reach Aigiali by sea, than the road to Chora, but now the road is greatly improved.

Chora is magical setlement and chances are that you get caught under its charm. Small pathways, wonderful windmills and the calm nature of another life, lost back in the 19th century. 

North of Chora built in the rock is the Byzantine monastery of Hozoviotissa, that is an absolute must in your itenerary.

Luc Besson made the natural beauty of Amorgos Known to the world with his movie "The Big Blue".

Hikers will also have the possibility to discover many interest tradditional paths all over the island

Dont forget to taste delicious local specialties:
• Xerotígana (fried pies filled with white beet and fennel)
• Ladotýri: sheep’s milk cheese stored in olive oil, hence the name “ladotyri” (lit. “oil cheese”). It has a strong, salty taste, a pleasant aroma and a hard, dry skin and is off-white and slightly yellowish in colour.
• Patatáto (goat cooked with potatoes)
• Psiméni raki (raki – the local spirit – scented and seasoned with herbs)
• Pastéli (sesame bar)

Amorgos Beaches

· MALTEZI- Beaches near Katapola
· AYIA ANNA - Beaches of Chora
· KALOTIRATISSA – Near Katro Meria
· GRAMVOUSSA ISLAND- Behind the bay of Kalotiratissa
· MOUROU beach

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